2. Oberschwaben Balboa Wochenende OBW

2018-06-30 - 2018-07-01
Landgasthof "Zum Goldenen Kreuz" - Burgweiler Str. 2, 88271 Wilhelmsdorf
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Level 1 - beginner / intermediate

You took your first Balboa steps at least a year ago. You visit classes regularly since the beginning and social dances as well. You know the steps of the basic moves like the Basic Uphold/ Downhold, Lollies, Throwout, Out 'n' Ins and know what Adlibs are. But you still have to think and concentrate about the steps sometimes and work on the flow. 
You are interested in getting to know more ways to move around the floor, new moves and improve the communication with your dance-partner. Variations of the basics, new footwork are what you are interested in. You might even have been to the first workshops outside your homebase to broaden your horizon.

Level 2 - intermediate / advanced

You've been dancing for a long while, catching all the lessons and socials available, and attended already several international workshops. You've got the feeling like there is a proper communication going on in your dances. You know the basic moves by heart and don't have to think about them anymore. You love to dance to fast tempos. And you eventually managed to be able to listen to the music, as well and adjust your movements to it. Now you would like to work on more complex moves, rhythm variations, but just as well on the flow and quality of your own movements to dive into the deepest cracks of the Balboaworld.


Gruppengrösse je max. 15 Paare, Platzreservierung unter Beachtung des Leader/Follower - Verhältnisses in der Reihenfolge des Zahlungseingangs, dann Warteliste.

Classes - 2.5 Stunden pro Tag / Level; jeweils bis 17 Uhr freies Üben

Übernachtung / Verpflegung

im Gasthof "Zum Goldenen Kreuz"  werden 5 DZ für Kursteilnehmer bis Februar 2018 vorreserviert.

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Weitere Informationen bei den Veranstaltern Jenny & Klaus Weissmann.


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